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  • Terminal Blocks >> Euro Type Terminal Blocks
    • Maintenance free, vibration proof and preventing the screw from loosening while using on the printed circuit board.
    • Use high oxidation-resistant & high temperature insulating material.
    • Low cost fast assembly simplify the complexity of customer's wiring.
    • MC series are connected with large wire capacity up to 1.5mm2.
    • MD series are protected by excellent high-temperature insulating housing.
  • MA Series

    • MA series terminal blocks have between 2 and 24 positions with a 3.50 mm, 5.00 mm, 7.50 mm or 10.00 mm pitch. Moreover, MA series Wire-protection clamps provide the highly precise dimension, cost-effective, fit-for-purpose and compact wring solutions. The simple clamping mechanism reduces the product cost.
    • The 2&3 pole modular designed terminal blocks can be quickly and easily joined together to produce higher pole number assemblies, however, it depends on the actual situation, for mass quantity, we ca supply the One-piece housing product.
    • MA series allow screw connections for conductors up to 1.5 mm2 to be realized without soldering.
    • MA series are using brass or copper alloy as the fixture for wire connection, which ca make the product be free maintenance, anti-vibration, preventing from screw loosing, outstanding corrosion resistance, and high reliability.
    • When the clamping screw is turned, it pushes the Leaf Spring onto the conductor until a secure connection is achieved. The Leaf Spring prevents the screw from the digging into the conductor and damaging individual conductor stands.
    • MA series products acquired the approvals of UL, CE, and VDE. MA series ensure compliance with rigorous quality standards. Our customers also appreciate our dependability, punctual deliveries and outstanding value for money.

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    MB Series

    • MB series printed circuit terminal blocks provide highly reliable screw connections on industrial printed circuit boards. Whether they have one or more levels, straight or angled conductor insertion, all MB series variants share:
    • A robust moving cage principle with a generously dimensioned insertion space for conductors up to 2.5 mm²
    • The flat base of the clamping unit ensures that even the thinnest connection leads can be clamped properly. When the clamping screw is turned, DECA clamping yoke rises in the component housing until the thread is firmly held between the current bar and clamping yoke. The stale design of the clamping parts allows the creation of gas-tight connections. This means that the contact conditions can be kept stable over a long time even in aggressive atmospheres.
    • MB series allows the terminal screw to be reliably held in place even in case of vibrations. At the point of maximum permitted torque, the upper thread-overlap of the yoke opens causing a locking action to be extremely on the screw.
    • The clamping parts and terminal screws are made of high-tensile copper alloy to prevent unreliable electrical contacts and / or jammed screws. The insulation housings are made of a highly temperature-resistant plastic(up to 20°-25° C for sec.)
    • MB series products acquired the approvals of UL, CE, and VDE. MB series products are extremely suitable for power supply, inverter, etc. and applied for industrial control and information technique.

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    MC Series

    • MC series is available in horizontal, vertical, and front wire entry designs, to meet multiple design requirements. This series creates applications requiring high reliable interconnection with the flexibility of simplified modifications and installation. MC series provides the screw clamping and spring clamp connections and also extends the customs’ choices of higher density connection products from DECA.
    • MC 100, MC 101 plugs with plug-in direction parallel to the conductor axis are available with a 5.00 mm or 5.08 mm pitch and 2 to 22 positions. The pluggable blocks are available with and without a screw flange, to permit a vibration-resistant connection with the headers.
    • MC 420, MC 421 plugs distribute the height uniformly over the upper and lower sides of the printed circuit board. The distances to adjacent printed circuit boards can be reduced considerably thanks to the low overall height of the module.
    • MC 200, MC201 plugs have plug-in direction vertical to the conductors axis. Vertical plugs can be placed immediately against neighbor walls and removed without squashing the connected lines. Alternatively, the pluggable blocks are also available with screw flange. This allows secure fixing of the pluggable blocks to the PCB pin header. The additional safety against vibration or faulty handling.
    • MC 310, MC 311 plugs with front screw connection and plug-in direction horizontal to the conductor axis are available for conductor cross-sections of up to 1.5 mm2 with a 5 and 5.08 mm pitch, and 2 to 24 positions.

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    MD Series

    • MD series terminal blocks by using solder pin always put with other terminal blocks together, have the same structural features as their sister models from MA, MC, and ME.
    • MD series plungers and headers with straight solder pins are available:
      • With 2 to 24 positions.
      • In a 5.00 mm pitch.
      • With horizontal and vertical plug-in direction to the printed circuit board.
      • The insulation housing were made of high-temperature-resistant plastic.
      • With an extremely precise pitch, The current pins are made from a tin plated copper alloy.
      • Easily assembled on the printed circuit board. Customers can take advantage of MD series in time saving, and costs lower.

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    ME Series

    female connector
    • ME030, ME040, ME050, ME060 headers with vertical and horizontal plug-in direction are available with 2 to 22 positions. The header coding section is simply inserted in the corresponding slot.
    • DECA ME headers have open-ended or with panels. The open-end version can be mounted in rows according to the pitch. There is no danger of lateral mismating in the versions with side panels. DECA ME headers can have treaded flange for vibration-resistant connection with the plugs with screw flange.
    • ME110, ME130, ME13R, ME150, ME210, ME230, ME23L, ME23R, ME250 with double level headers (pitch 5 or 5.08 mm) in horizontal design. The prime advantage of a double-level ME series headers is the relative saving of printed circuit board sufface space. Extended constructions with more position can be created by mounting headers with flange or closed side panels to the right and to the left of the standard housing.
    • ME120, ME140, ME14L, ME160, ME220, ME240, ME24L, ME260 with double level headers (pitch 5 or 5.08 mm) in vertical design. As a result of modular ”building block” system of 2 and 3-position double level blocks, any number of positions from 2 to 24, can be obtained by simple interlocking, with or without flange. Extended constructions with more positions can be created by mounting headers with flange or closed side panels to the right and to the left of the standard housing.

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    MF Series

    Board To Board Type Terminal Blocks MF series terminal blocks are simply structured and used in printed circuit board of electronic devices, using copper alloy of good elasticity & high conductivity with exteriorly silver & gold-plating for the purpose of low contact resistance & anti-corrosion and being made of RoHS compliant, impact resistant & UL94 V0 flame class engineering thermoplastics. For use in combination, they can be welded one end on the PC Board and the other end matching with ME, MZ series .

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    MH Series

    High-Voltage High-Current Type Terminal Blocks MH series are high voltage & high current terminal block, being made of RoHS compliant, impact resistant & UL94 V0 flammability rating engineering thermoplastics, featuring with large cross sectional wire connection & high torque to prevent loosening of the screw.

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    MKR Series

    1.Applying with relay swithces
    2.Simple maintenance decreasel your labor cost.

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    MPC Series

    Pluggable Terminal Blocks MPC series, similar to MC series to be pluggable terminal blocks, are slightly modified as per customer’s demand, using high corrosion resistant copper alloy for metal parts, being being made of RoHS compliant, impact resistant & UL94 V0 flame class engineering thermoplastics

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    MPE Series

    • Application in SMT reflow process
    • Flat design and compact pitches
    • Versions with and without flange
    • Tape-on-reel packing for automated mounting

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